Our proposed  Summer / Fall litter pairings are now posted! Winter 2023 litters will be posted soon.

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Phoebe & Riot - Pups have arrived!
~ go Home: June 24 
SIZE: Mediums 30-40 POUNDS 
COLOURS:  Reds/apricots/cream  

Phoebe & Riot

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We have one spot available on this litter.
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Phoebe is our super sweet, friendly & confident people pleaser. She is an outstanding dog that loves everyone with her whole big heart. Her laid-back happy-go-lucky personality makes her great with other dogs and children. She loves car rides and walks around the golf course with her guardian mom. She is pure love, support, and loyalty in one beautiful bumbling package.

A huge thank you to Kelsie at Puppy Love Labradoodles for letting us use her extremely handsome and super sweet stud, “Riot.” Riot is a well built, 29 pound boy with a gorgeous red coat and lovely sabre tail. Apart from being incredibly adorable, Riot is also very well trained, super obedient, confident and well socialized!

These two incredible Australian Labradoodles are guaranteed to give us some stellar puppies with that magical combination of terrific temperaments, gorgeous good looks and excellent health!

Starlight Ridge Phoebe & Rose Country Read the Riot Act

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Poppy and Earl- Pups have Arrived!
~Go Home: June 23
SIZE:  large Mini /small MEDIUM
25-30 POUNDS
COLOURS: RED/APRICOT/CARAMEL and maybe a parti or 2!

Poppy & earl
We have 2 spots available on this litter!

 ½ Muppet & ½ Teddy Bear… our beloved “Floppy Poppy” is so much character and personality wrapped up into one silky soft velvety coat. She is a dark apricot with a quaint white chest and stockings, beautiful amber eyes, and a big black nose. She is super smart and comical; she has our family in constant stitches over her daily silly antics! Poppy loves agility class, learning new tricks and playing with all of the puppies that visit our home. She was just an incredible first time mother and we cannot wait to meet her next litter of mini-me’s!  

We have paired her with the ever-so-wonderful Earl of Lotusland who has produced some incredible litters of well rounded puppies. He belongs to Prairie Doodles in southern Alberta and they have been breeding Australian Labradoodles for over 18 years and it shows! Gail says Earl loves everyone he meets and has such a steady and loving temperament. Thank you for letting us use your handsome boy!

Sun Valley Poppy & Prairie Earl of Lotusland

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Approx. Breeding timeframe: Waiting for Zenith to cycle ~May
~ go Home: September 
COLOURS:  Reds/apricots/Caramels 

zenith & izzy

1 spot available


Our drop dead gorgeous red-head Zenith is a tiny package of sweetness and spunk, and she is going to be meeting up with our friendly and affectionate Izzy to make the sweetest silkiest miniature rays of sunshine!
Zenith loves all the adventures she shares with her family on the farm. When she isn’t tackling bullrushes, hanging out in the cab of the tractor, or helping mom collect the eggs from the chicken coop she’s a total lap dog and cuddle bug.

Izzy is tender-hearted, cuddly, confident and chill. His charismatic happy go lucky personality lights up any room! He wags his tail with his entire body and is full of fun, deeply loyal, affectionate and sweet natured. These two lovebirds should make a beautiful litter of mini red fluff balls of love! They will be perfect for a fun home with plenty of belly rubs and snuggles to offer!

north zenith & Cream Puff Livin' on a Prayer

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APPROx. Breeding Timeframe: June- July
~Go Home: October
SIZE:  large Mini/small MEDIUM
21-27 POUNDS
COLOURS: Chocolate tri-Phantom + Black tri-Phantom

Coco & Blue
We are not accepting any more reservations on this litter until we see just how many sweet pups we are blessed with. If there are additional puppies we will fill spaces from the top down of our reservation list.


Blue is super sweet, affectionate, loving and just about as chill as they come. He is a sweet, happy, social guy with a gentle loving spirit. He adores kids and greeting new people and loves to play with other dogs on his weekly pack walks here in town. He has a beautiful wavy fleece coat that is so incredibly soft. He is 21 pounds of pure cuteness.

Clearly Coco is stunning, but she is SO much more! This girl is smart, cuddly, playful and plush….yes…plush…as in Chocolate Teddy Bear Plush toy! Blue is easy going and obedient. Coco is adventurous and slightly sassy. Together these two are going to produce a winning combination of stellar temperaments and drop dead gorgeous puppies. Can I just keep them ALL?!

 Starlight Ridge Death by Chocolate & Pinelodge you're my boy blue



*Mother Nature is the ultimate planner in all pairings. Sometimes a heat cycle or a litter doesn’t turn out exactly as planned, but we try to predict to the best of our ability. Baldonnel Lane Labradoodles reserves the right to use a different stud if necessary for any particular breeding. In the event we replace a stud we will make every effort to ensure similar colours and sizes expected for the litter. Baldonnel Lane Labradoodles reserves first right to retain breeding quality puppies for our breeding program. Some coat colours may fade or darken over time.
 Our reservation list is approximately 6 months.  We promise, our puppies are worth the wait!


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