Here are our upcoming litters for winter 2023/2024. We accept a limited number of reservations before birth, but we often have more puppies than expected. If a litter is full and you're interested, please let us know, and we'll add you to the waitlist, notifying you when the puppies are born

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Zenith & Izzy have Honeymooned!
Puppies expected mid October
GO HOME: Mid December
SIZE: Minis 17-25 POUNDS 
COLOURS:  Reds/apricots 

Zenith & Izzy

Upcoming pairings

Litter is full at this time.
THis litter is full

     Our drop-dead gorgeous redhead, Zenith, is a tiny bundle of sweetness and spunk. She's about to meet up with our friendly and affectionate Izzy to create the sweetest, silkiest miniature rays of sunshine! Zenith adores all the adventures she shares with her family on the farm. When she's not tackling bullrushes, hanging out in the tractor cab, or helping Mom collect eggs from the chicken coop, she transforms into a total lap dog and cuddle bug.
     Izzy is tender-hearted, cuddly, confident, and relaxed. His charismatic, happy-go-lucky personality illuminates any room he enters! He wags his tail with his whole body and is brimming with fun, deep loyalty, affection, and a naturally sweet nature.
     These two lovebirds are poised to produce a beautiful litter of mini red fluff balls of love! They'll be a perfect fit for a fun-loving home with plenty of belly rubs and snuggles to offer!

north zenith & Cream Puff Livin' on a Prayer "Izzy"

Phoebe & Izzy have honeymooned!
Puppies expected Late October
GO HOME: Late December
SIZE: Mediums 27-44 POUNDS 
COLOURS:  Reds/apricots/cream  

Phoebe & Izzy

This litter is now full
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     Phoebe is our super sweet, friendly, and confident people-pleaser. She's an exceptional dog who wholeheartedly loves everyone. Her laid-back, happy-go-lucky personality makes her great with other dogs and children. Phoebe enjoys car rides and leisurely walks around the golf course with her guardian mom. She is pure love, support, and loyalty in one beautiful bumbling package.
     Izzy possesses a tender-hearted, cuddly, confident, and relaxed nature.  He expresses his joy by wagging his tail with his whole body and exudes an abundance of fun, unwavering loyalty, affection, and a naturally sweet disposition. This boy has excellent manners!
      These two incredible Australian Labradoodles are sure to provide us with some outstanding puppies, possessing that magical combination of fantastic temperaments,  good looks, and excellent health! There is no doubt that Phoebe and Izzy's puppies will be eager to please and entirely dedicated to their humans. This litter will feature all shades of red, apricot, cream, and caramel, with allergy-friendly and non-shedding fleece coats.

Starlight Ridge Phoebe & Cream Puff Livin' On A Prayer "Izzy"

Poppy & Izzy 
Expected Breeding: Mid October
GO HOME: Early February
SIZE: large Minis  25-32 POUNDS 
COLOURS:  Reds/apricots/Caramels  

Poppy & Izzy

I have taken 6 reservations for this litter. I will accept 2 more spots on the waitlist for the possibility of additional puppies.
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      ½ Muppet & ½ Teddy Bear… our beloved “Floppy Poppy” has SO much character and personality wrapped up into one silky soft velvety coat. She is a dark apricot with a quaint white chest and stockings, beautiful amber eyes, and a big black nose. Poppy is exceptionally bright and comical, constantly entertaining our family with her daily antics that leave us in stitches! She thoroughly enjoys agility classes, learning new tricks, and playing with all the puppies that visit our home. In fact, she often takes on the role of a caring mother, tending to and checking up on all the puppies in the house, not just her own. Her motherly instincts are remarkable, and we eagerly await her next litter of mini-me's!
     Izzy unquestionably embodies the sweetness, cuddliness, intelligence, and adorableness that all our BLL Doods require to bring our Puppy Dreams to life! This boy is also gentle, respectful, intuitive, and never fails to greet you with a full-body waggle. He serves as a fantastic ambassador for the breed, and we are truly grateful to have him as a part of our program.
     Pairing these two together, we anticipate highly trainable, exceptionally intelligent, athletic, sweet, and playful pupsters that adore children and other dogs. This litter promises to be nothing short of extraordinary and we are SO excited!

Sun Valley Poppy & Cream Puff Livin' On A Prayer "Izzy"

Coco & Blue 
~expected honeymoon February
GO HOME: End of May
SIZE: Minis 17-25 POUNDS 
COLOURS:  Chocolate and black

Coco & Blue

Litter is full
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     Blue is super sweet, affectionate, loving and just about as chill as they come. He is a sweet, happy, social guy with a gentle loving spirit. He adores kids and greeting new people and loves to run and play with other dogs on his weekly pack walks here in town. He has a beautiful wavy fleece coat that is so incredibly soft. He is 21 pounds of pure cuteness.
     Clearly Coco is stunning, but she is SO much more! This girl is smart, easy-going, SO SO SO cuddly, playful and plush….yes…plush…as in Chocolate Teddy Bear Plush toy!
     Blue is easy going and obedient. Coco is adventurous and slightly sassy. Both are exceptionally cuddly. Together these two are going to produce a winning combination of stellar temperaments and drop dead gorgeous puppies. This would be a great therapy prospect litter. It’s tempting to want to keep them all??!!

Starlight Ridge Coco & Pinelodge You're my Boy "Blue"



Please remember that many factors are beyond our control! Mother-nature ultimately calls the shots, so the timing of heat cycles and estimated due date/go-home date may not always be as predicted. Baldonnel Lane Labradoodles reserves the right to use a different stud if necessary for any particular breeding. In the event we replace a stud we will make every effort to ensure similar colours and sizes expected for the litter. Baldonnel Lane Labradoodles reserves first right to retain breeding quality puppies for our breeding program. Some coat colours may fade or darken over time.
 Our reservation list is approximately 6 months.  We promise, our puppies are worth the wait!


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