Ours is a true love story with a very happy ending.
The Gibbons Adventure

With four daughters at home in 2015, it was only a matter of time before they asked—no, begged—for a family dog to join the mix! Unfortunately, Jon is extremely allergic to anything with fur and dander. Still, we were up for the challenge, and began searching for a breed that was family friendly, intelligent, and hypo-allergenic. Enter: The Australian Labradoodle. We were skeptical (was this dog too good to be true?), but we went ahead and carefully selected a breeder and purchased our first puppy who, as luck would have it, arrived on Christmas morning! 

Based in Northern British Columbia, their dogs bring joy to people & families nationwide. 

Small Family Breeder of High-Quality Australian Labradoodles


Everything we’d read about the breed was absolutely true, and Jon could snuggle our new pup with the best of them. Today we have two family labradoodles who sit at our feet while we work, accompany us on trips to town, and do just about anything with us as our loyal companions. As our love for this breed grew, we knew we wanted to be a part of sharing it with others in a responsible, ethical manner.

With her childhood spent on a dairy farm, an education in Natural Resource Management, and work experience as a Professional Forester and Agrologist, Shauneen (with the help of the rest of the Gibbons crew), decided to channel her skill with animals and nature into a business. Baldonnel Lane Labradoodles is on a mission to raise these amazing animals with integrity and share their gifts with the world. 


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Jon Gibbons is allergic to most dogs...so naturally we started a dog breeding business


All six of us are always up for an outdoor adventure—snowboarding, travelling, hiking, camping, you name it, and our two beloved australian  labradoodles are no exception


We have a household of not one but four Irish dancing sisters. Let’s just say these pups have heard a lot of loud jigging!

Gibbons Family Edition