Here are our upcoming litters for summer 2024 to early 2025. We accept a limited number of reservations before birth, but we often have more puppies than expected. If a litter is full and you're interested, please let us know, and we'll add you to the waitlist, notifying you when the puppies are born

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status: Zenith delivered 7 puppies!
Due: Mid July
GO HOME: Sept 10
SIZE: Minis 18-30 POUNDS 
COLOURS:  Reds/apricots 

  Zenith & izzy

Upcoming pairings

7 spots have been filled. 
Litter is full

     Our drop-dead gorgeous redhead, Zenith, is a tiny bundle of sweetness and spunk. She's about to meet up with our friendly and affectionate Izzy to create the sweetest, silkiest miniature rays of sunshine! Zenith adores all the adventures she shares with her family on the farm. When she's not tackling bullrushes, hanging out in the tractor cab, or helping Mom collect eggs from the chicken coop, she transforms into a total lap dog and cuddle bug.
     Izzy is tender-hearted, cuddly, confident, and relaxed. His charismatic, happy-go-lucky personality illuminates any room he enters! He wags his tail with his whole body and is brimming with fun, deep loyalty, affection, and a naturally sweet nature.
     These two lovebirds are poised to produce a beautiful litter of mini red fluff balls of love! They'll be a perfect fit for a fun-loving home with plenty of belly rubs and snuggles to offer! We are so looking forward to Zenith and Izzy puppies once again. Their first litter was so fantastic- why wouldn’t we repeat it!

North's zenith & Cream Puff izzy

 Breeding: August
GO HOME: December
SIZE:  minis, 17-26 POUNDS 
( solid &  white mismarks)  

Clove & Robin hood

Litter is full. Waitlist available.
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Clove was born and raised right here at BLL and we couldn't be any prouder! Clove is our beloved Poppy’s daughter and she truly could not be any more sweet and gentle natured. She is the epitome of brains and beauty in one adorable package! She is full of fun, deeply loyal, intuitive and soooo affectionate. Her guardian says she is the smartest dog she has ever owned and gets compliments on her excellent manners and deep red coat everywhere she goes.  

A huge thank you to Dana at Moonlit Acres for letting us use her extremely handsome and laid back stud, “Robin Hood”. This 17 – pound heartthrob is stocky, beautifully put together, handsome, smart and has the SWEETEST disposition. Robin Hood is not just good looking; he’s also a certified service dog, adding another layer to his wonderful personality. We can't contain our excitement for this upcoming litter! I am planning on holding back a  breeding quality female from this litter for our own program!  Please check out our Guardian Program page to see if you qualify!

We anticipate these minis to mature around 17-26 pounds, boasting gorgeous fleece coats. This litter holds great potential for therapy work. 

Baldonnel Lane's Clove & Moonlit Acres "Robin Hood"

Breeding: September/October
Puppies due ~  November/December
GO HOME: Jan/Feb
SIZE: Mediums 25-32 pounds 
COLOURS:  red/apricot/Caramel 

Bella & Benson

3 spots available
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We are thrilled to announce that our very own Bella and Benson will be paired together for a litter of ADORABLE puppies, available to join their families right after the holidays!

Bella, our gorgeous giant teddy bear, is soft-hearted, incredibly loving, and utterly devoted to her humans. Benson is a fun-loving little dude who makes every lady swoon the moment they lock eyes. He is just as sweet and cuddly as he is energetic and funny, with a mellow, laid-back charm.

These puppies will be phenomenal, and we can't wait to see the joy and laughter they bring to their new homes!

Baldonnel Lane's Bella & Sacto's Benson

~ Nov 2024
GO HOME: march 2025
Maybe even a parti (white with red spots)

 Maggie + Benson/Izzy
2 spots available

 Get ready for a twist in the puppy-making department!

Miss Maggie's got the scoop, and she's not quite sure if it's a Benson affair or an Izzy extravaganza. Things may have just got a tad awkward in the world of doggy dating – perhaps it will be a one-pup stand, perhaps a two-pup tango, or just maybe, the ultimate puppy love triangle! 

One thing's for sure... these pupsters will be confident, social, intelligent, and people-focused snuggle bugs! Your heart is in for a treat.

***Pups will be DNA tested to determine parentage. To be considered for this litter you must love em’ ALL!

Maggie + Benson/Izzy 

Approx. Breeding: Dec 2024
GO HOME: April 2025
SIZE: large Minis /small
mediums  25-35 POUNDS 
COLOURS:  Reds/apricots/Caramels (and maybe a Parti or 2)  

Poppy & Benson

This litter is full. 
APPLY for Poppy's Waitlist

    ½ Muppet and ½ Teddy Bear….our beloved “Floppy Poppy” is so much character and personality wrapped up into one silky soft velvety coat. She is a beautiful apricot with a quaint white chest and stockings, beautiful amber eyes, and a big black nose. She is super smart and comical; she has our family in constant stitches over her daily silly antics! Poppy loves agility class, learning new tricks and playing with all of the puppies that visit our home. She has been such an attentive and adoring mother, auntie and grandma and we CANNOT wait to meet her final litter of mini-me’s!

Benson has the BEST happy go lucky personality and is such a sweet and joyful, social boy. He provides plenty of fun and laughter to his guardian family AND to each of their work offices on a daily basis. He has a beautiful, non-shedding, wavy fleece red tuxedo coat and is literally 24 pounds of red snuggly deliciousness.

We are expecting highly trainable, wickedly smart, sweet and floppy pupsters that love children, other dogs and fit well into diverse situations. Poppy has produced some truly amazing pups for our program and this will be her RETIREMENT litter.

Sun Valley Poppy & Sacto's Benson

Approx. Breeding: FEB 2025
GO HOME: June 2025
SIZE: Minis 20- 25 POUNDS 
COLOURS:  Reds/apricots
solids / white mismarks

Zenith & Benson
Currently Full
2 spots on waitlist available
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Get ready for an enchanting rendezvous! Our drop dead gorgeous red-head Zenith is a tiny package of sweetness and spunk, and she is going to be meeting up with our super friendly Benson to make the sweetest silkiest miniature rays of sunshine!

Benson’s got the happiest, most carefree vibe you'll ever encounter. He's not just a pup; he's a 24-pound ball of red snuggly goodness, spreading fun and laughter everywhere he goes. Benson's social skills are off the charts – he's the office superstar, making every workday a little brighter!

And did we mention his stunning, non-shedding red tuxedo coat? It's like having a walking, snuggly work of art! Who is ready for some Benson bliss? These two lovebirds will produce a beautiful litter of mini red fluff balls of love! They will be perfect for a fun home with plenty of belly rubs and snuggles to offer!

north's zenith & Sacto's Benson



Please remember that many factors are beyond our control! Mother-nature ultimately calls the shots, so the timing of heat cycles and estimated due date/go-home date may not always be as predicted. Baldonnel Lane Labradoodles reserves the right to use a different stud if necessary for any particular breeding. In the event we replace a stud we will make every effort to ensure similar colours and sizes expected for the litter. Baldonnel Lane Labradoodles reserves first right to retain breeding quality puppies for our breeding program. Some coat colours may fade or darken over time.
 Our reservation list is approximately 6 months.  We promise, our puppies are worth the wait!


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