We are honoured when people choose Baldonnel Lane Labradoodles to create and raise their new furry friend! There is nothing that makes us happier, than hearing all of the positive feedback from these families. Thank you to each and every family who sends us a review. We love how connected we get to stay with updates! We really have the BEST families!


our testimonials

"We stumbled upon Shauneen and Baldonnel Lane Labradoodles through their beautiful website and was immediately drawn in by Shauneen’s obvious passion for both her family and her doodles.

From our very first chat, I was confident that BLL was the right fit for our family and this was validated through each and every pup update and/or video Shauneen shared. Even as an experienced dog owner, I was able to learn so much from Shauneen and loved the personal feel of each interaction - shared with intention. Based on assessments, we were placed with Phoebe, now Rue, who could not be more perfect and fluffy and loving!

Rue arrived home armed with so many tools that helped to create a smooth transition for us (i.e., comfort with crate, use of pee pads and familiarity with cats!). This was a truly exceptional and fun process with Baldonnel Lane Labradoodles. 10/10 would do again :)"

vancouver island, british columbia

From Andrea



"We are really enjoying the time with Mika (Ginger) and we are having super sweet time during the past month! Mika has adapted to the new environment pretty fast. She is about 14 lbs and has learnt a lot of commands and tricks already. What a smart girl! We do appreciate all the great work you have done to pave the way for the puppies smooth transitions at their new homes! 

When we carried her with us walking outside, she is the all-time super star! We have heard so many Awwws and Wowwws! We are trying to give her as much socialization exposure as possible. Lots of people are asking about the breeder information. We have shared your names and website with them already and will definitely keep sharing our amazing experience as much as possible! We are so grateful that we have you as our breeder and you have done an amazing job getting us onboard and giving us this amazing precious gift of life"

burnaby, british columbia

From Pujiang & Sammi



"Shauneen and Baldonnel Lane Labradoodles were the most amazing breeders we could have asked for! Incredibly responsive, knowledgable and provided constant communication through the whole process. We now have our perfect puppy who is incredibly smart (potty trained within 2 weeks smart!),so loving and obviously adorable! Could not recommend them more!"

Vancouver, british columbia

From Kirstyn & Jesse

"I tried to think of the most wonderful, amazing review that hasn't been said yet. But like our family, I'm sure every other family who was lucky enough to purchase a puppy from Baldonnel Lane Labradoodles are as grateful as we are. My husband is allergic and literally has no symptoms with our Sweet Oliver. The care and love they put into each of their puppies shows and with that, we will definitely be back for a little girl down the road. If you ever get the chance for one of their puppies, take it. You will not be disappointed."

Grande Prairie, Alberta

The paul Family

"Words can’t describe how grateful we feel to have Shauneen and her family to give us our puppy - Waffle. He is now close to 8 months old and we enjoy every single moment we have with him. Waffle was such an angel when he first came home. We don’t know how you did it but Waffle knew to use pee pad and quickly learned to potty outside as we directed him. He is such a playful and kind-hearted puppy. Very friendly to dogs and human, especially children. He is still full of puppy energy but we believe with more training he is gonna be an amazing good boy. Lots of family, friends and friends of friends and even ig followers have asked about our breeder. We recommend Baldonnellabradoodles by heart and Shauneen and her team deserve an A+ on their service! Amazing time with her throughout the selection process."

Vancouver, British columbia

The Mak Family

St-Alphonse-de-Granby, Quebec

Emeraude Jette

"LA meilleure élevage de chien sur Terre. Je débute cet avis en mentionnant que je ne fais jamais d'avis sur internet. Shauneen m'a procuré mon chien de rêve de par son expertise, son écoute, son amour et sa passion pour ses chiots. C'est une magnifique élevage qui gagne grandement à être connu. Les chiots sont traités comme des princes\princesses. Ils sont désensibilisés dès leur jeune âge à divers stimulis de la vie quotidien faisant d'eux des chiots confiants. Je dois dire que Magnolia est réellement notre PERFECT MATCH ! Magnolia est tout simplement parfaite et elle ajoute de la magie à notre famille. Sincèrement, Baldonnel Lane est LA seule et unique élevage avec laquelle je ferais affaire à l'avenir (nous avons eu de siii mauvaises expériences avec d'autres élevages par le passé). Shauneen et son élevage sont exceptionnels en tout point et je ne pourrais jamais la remercier suffisamment pour l'amour et le temps qu'elle investit dans son travail. Pour information, nous avons fait venir Magnolia en avion du BC, où se situe l'élevage, et cela a été SUPER simple, peu coûteux et Magnolia a fait cela comme une championne! Si vous rechercher votre meilleur ami pour la vie, je vous recommande à 100000% cet élevage. Vous ne serez pas déçus, c'est promis!


"THE best dog breeder on Earth. I begin this review by mentioning that I never make reviews on the internet. Shauneen provided me with my dream dog through her expertise, her ability to listen, her love and her passion for her puppies. It is a magnificent breeding that greatly benefits from being known. Puppies are treated like princes\princesses. They are desensitized from a young age to various stimuli of daily life making them confident puppies. Speaking of our beloved Magnolia, she was assigned to us by Shauneen (the owner) based on a temperament test. I must say that Magnolia is really our PERFECT MATCH! Magnolia is just perfect and she adds magic to our family. Honestly, Baldonnel Lane is THE one and only kennel I will do business with in the future (we have had sooo bad experiences with other kennels in the past). Shauneen and her breeding are exceptional in every way and I could never thank her enough for the love and time she invests in her work. For information, we flew Magnolia in from BC, where the breeding is located, and it was SUPER easy, inexpensive and Magnolia did it like a champ! If you are looking for your best friend for life, I recommend this breeding to you 100000%. You won't be disappointed, we promise!"


"Finn continues to grow daily. He’s a joy. He’s full of puppy antics and love of course. He’s an exceptional listener and easy to train. He sleeps eight hours every night and is a boisterous puppy all day. He’s also very warm and loving….Never enough kisses and cuddles. Every day is a new adventure at the lake. He loves testing the water and romping in the woods. Finn has an incredible sense of smell. His nose is always to the ground. You wouldn’t believe what he’s brought home.

We are in love with Finn and truly thankful for Baldonnel Lane and you, Shauneen for your professionalism and wisdom. We are extremely grateful!"

Chilliwack, BC

margo & Ron

Sweet Words
cass - Grande Prairie, AB

"Our experience with Baldonnel Lane Labradoodles was everything we could have hoped for. We are so grateful to Shauneen and her family for giving our puppy the very best start in life. The thoughtful and attentive care provided to our puppy is apparent in how smart, social, and comfortable he is. Thank you!"

Shelby & Scott - Fort St. John, BC

"From the first phone call we could tell BLL was going to be a perfect fit for us. From the weekly puppy updates with tips, to the meeting of the puppies, and everything else in between, you can tell their family are pouring their hearts into their business.  They are very easy to work with and very professional. We would recommend them for anyone wanting to add a new furry friend to their family!"


Dr. Michele NielsEn - richmond, BC

"We were so impressed with Baldonnel Lane Labradoodles. The communication was excellent. We received weekly emails  and all our questions were answered along the way. Our puppy is the perfect match for our family. When he arrived to our home he was already pee pad potty trained. We were given all the tools we needed to be successful and have been supported even after our puppy came home with us!

shayla - Fort St. John, BC

"We're a first time puppy family who needed so much help and advice and Baldonnel Lane Labradoodles was supportive, kind, and resourceful. The care, love, and attention they treat each and every puppy with is astonishing. Our puppy is adorable, soft, fun, and sweet and we feel lucky to have found Baldonnel Lane Labradoodles. I’d 100% recommend them to everyone."


michelle - Fort St. John, BC

"I received my puppy from Shauneen on December 9 2022. So far I have had the most amazing puppy experience, he sleeps all night, no messes in the house and he listens extremely well. Very very smart pups that are easy to train. I trained Sonny in less than a week to ring the bells to go outside. If you are looking for a good quality puppy I HIGHLY recommend Baldonnel Lane Labradoodles!"


nina - kitimat, BC

“Finn is doing amazing! He’s going on longer walks now and is loving them! He’s fitting in so well with our whole family and always has so much love (kisses) to give and just loves people! He’s been meeting more dogs now but we were being careful until after he had all of his shots. Here’s a few pics and a video I wanted to share with you. He’s doing amazing and even rings the bell to go outside - only took 1 time!! “



"Shauneen and Baldonnel Lane Labradoodles were the most amazing breeders we could have asked for! Incredibly responsive, knowledgable and provided constant communication through the whole process. We now have our perfect puppy who is incredibly smart (potty trained within 2 weeks smart!),so loving and obviously adorable! Could not recommend them more!"