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Pinelodge’s YOU'RE MY BOY
Always mistaken for a Bernedoodle
Guardian calls him Otis
fun facts about blue
Type: Multi-Gen Australian Labradoodle
Color: Black Tri-Phantom
Coat: Soft loose Wavy Fleece, Non-shedding
Size: Mini 21 pounds
Height: 15”
DNA color coat: BbEE, ky/ky at/at S/S
Health Clearances:
  • OFA Hips: Good
  • eVET: Good
  • OFA Elbows: normal
  • CAER: clear
  • OFA Cardiac: Passed
Genetic Panel and DNA Profiling: Paw Print Genetics:
  • vWD normal , PRA Prcd clear, EIC clear, Dm clear, IC clear


Oh Blue…can anyone ever look at you without smiling? I think NOT! Blue is a stunning black tri-phantom boy and an absolute heart-throb with the sweetest and most gentle spirit. His temperament is EXACTLY what we look for in our breeding dogs. Drawn to people, loves to cuddle, curious without being bold, playful without being rough, and he is just so DANG chill about anything and everything! NOTHING phases this boy! He really and truly is the most laid back, quiet and mellow dog on the block! A complete and utter love bug with great eye contact! 
Blue has a wavy non-shedding coat so soft…...he is just like a teddy bear. Honestly you just want to keep hugging and hugging him…… This guy is sure to contribute heavily to our therapy dog line. His puppies will be the perfect doggos to take out to Starbucks, the office, schools or care homes. Thank you to our friends Heidi and Roy of Pinelodge Labradoodles- he is AMAZING! The world needs more “Blue”s and we can’t wait for his babies to bring families all over joy and happiness! Look for his puppies starting 2023! This little fella has it going on! You’re my boy Blue!

Multi-Gen Australian Labradoodle

Meet Blue