When it comes to welcoming a new pup into your home, it’s perfectly normal to experience an adjustment period. But with the right preparing and planning in place, you’ll quickly settle into your new routines and lifestyle. We’ve curated the following information and resources to help ensure a smooth transition!

Prepping & Planning For Your New Pup

getting ready

As per our contract, your puppy needs to complete an initial veterinarian visit within 3 business days of pickup for your health guarantee to be valid. For this reason, we recommend finding a vet and scheduling this appointment as soon as you know your puppy go home date. We will provide you with their health records to present to the vet. 

Schedule Your Veterinarian Visit


Baxter and Bella is our go-to recommendation for online puppy training! I have been throughly impressed by their service. There is LOADS of great information to help prepare you for your puppy. With a one time payment, you’ll gain lifelong access to their program, which includes support for your dog through all stages of training as well as the support of a professional trainer should you need it. Use the code ‘Baldonnel’ for 25% off your membership. We also highly suggest lining up an in person puppy class in your area before you bring your pup home!

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A checklist of 4 essential must-do’s as you prepare to bring home your Baldonnel Lane pup:


We recommend our families sign up for complimentary 30 day puppy insurance through Trupanion. Your puppy will be extremely curious the first few days and can hurt themselves as they explore their new environment, potentially leading to hefty vet bills. We will provide you with more information for registering your dog via our 7 week pupdate e-mail and again during pickup.

Sign Up For Pet Insurance


Here at Baldonnel Lane, we feed our puppies with the brand TLC for Puppy. We suggest you order and feed them this same food for the first few weeks so as not to change their diet too drastically upon arrival in your home.

order puppy Food


*If you would like to take advantage of the complimentary deal you must register your dog within 36 hours of pickup 

Receive $5 off your order

House Preparation Essentials

the basics
You’ll need 2 stainless steel dog bowls for food and water. We also LOVE our splash free water feeder bowl.

Dog Bowls & Feeders

Mini puppies should use either a 24 or 30 inch crate, while medium puppies require a 30 or 36 inch crate. We prefer metal/wire crates over plastic ones, which your dog can easily chew through and can get smelly. We also encourage crate training from day one, as it is a beneficial tool that offers you and your dog a sense of security and peace of mind.

Crates and Crate Training

Insights, tips, and products to keep in mind as you prepare your home for this new addition:

An exercise pen provides a space for your puppy to hang out for longer periods of time while simultaneously teaching them boundaries within your home. You can put their crate and their toys inside the exercise pen to create a ‘happy zone’ for your pup! We recommend a 36” version. 

Exercise Pens

We know your dog is adorable, but try not to give them too many treats! We suggest purchasing a trial size bag of a different brand of dog food and offering those as treats; your dog will love the variation, and the small piece size makes them great for training. 


We recommend a 5-6 foot leash and a simple flat collar for your dog. We do not recommend retractable leashes because they are easy to use incorrectly, and because your puppy needs to learn how to walk by your side.


Our puppies are trained with potty pads starting from 3 weeks old. Using potty pads will help minimize accidents as they transition from our home to yours. You can purchase reusable, machine washable or disposable pads (pro tip: bring one to pickup day for the car ride home!). 

Puppy Pads

Interactive bowls and puzzles are a great way to provide mental stimulation and enrichment for your dog. The toy element of these bowls will keep them entertained and active while they work to obtain their food or treats. 

Interactive Feeders/Puzzles

We like using Kong toys, ropes, balls, teething toys, hard rubber toys, etc. to keep your pup busy and alleviate their chewing urges. We only give our pups toys that they can’t destroy, and recommend staying away from stuffed animals, pretend shoes, etc. Giving a puppy something they can tear apart only gives them a taste for destruction, and they’ll quickly start looking for other precious household items to chew on! 

Dog Toys

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